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Coaches - Benefits and Registration

Coach Log In Questions
  • If you know your email and password, enter them into "Coach Sign In" at the top right hand side of this page and click "Sign In".
  • If you are a high school coach VarVee has worked with your AD or State Association, so click here to get a password.
  • If you are already registered and forgot your passwordclick here.
Coach Testimonials
“It has been a great service. Varvee is easy to update, quick to be updated and easy to navigate. Thanks for doing it.”
Boys Soccer Coach
“I really liked it a lot. It was quick and easy.”
Girls Volleyball coach
“I loved it and our stats person loved it.  Keep up the good work.”
Football Coach
“Great service. Thank you! Much better than the old Rocky Prep system.”
Boys Soccer Coach
“You guys are AWESOME!!!! You made it very easy to submit stats and have them distributed to whoever we wanted. Thank you!”
Girls Volleyball coach
"Varvee is awesome! I can't wait to use it next season. I will strongly encourage my guys to build individual player profiles. Thanks for the great work!" 
Sam Byrd Richmond High School Boys Soccer Coach Indiana - 11/10/10
Benefits to Coaches:

  • Easy to use: At your convenience, use the simple online VarVee coaches tool to upload your stats data
  • Saves time and energy: No need to contact multiple media outlets with the same information. VarVee automatically distributes to any/all media outlets for you.
  • Accurate: VarVee has developed the best system ever to ensure statistical accuracy
  • Helps in the Rankings and Seeding process: VarVee provides comprehensive comparison between conferences, divisions, teams, and individuals. The ability to see the whole picture makes rankings and tournament/playoff seeding simple.

How the VarVee Coach Tool Works:

  1. The manager or team statistician (Athletic Director, Coach, Assistant Coach or Team Manager) adds schedule and roster information to the online VarVee Coach Tool.
  2. The manager also selects media outlets to receive each game's scores and stats. The manager can also create or add email addresses to receive results, allowing easy communication with athlete family members, or non-listed reporters.
  3. Before each game, meet, or tournament, the manager may print the VarVee pregame stat sheet, a proprietary tool that makes it easier for coaches to collect game stats. This page includes team rosters or tournament seeding, along with a sport-specific statistics collection sheet. It is all about making it easier for the coaches.
  4. After the game, the manager enters their results into the event's game page. Results are automatically forwarded to all selected media outlets and email addresses of those who are signed up to get game results. In addition, year-to-date statistics are automatically updated for teams and individuals and displayed on each team's home page


Why VarVee For Coaches?

  • VarVee is all about helping ease the burden on coaches so they can do what they love most – focus on coaching and celebrating the athletes, the teams and the game!
  • Proven product. It works better than anything else, according to coaches and ADs.
  • Complete and accurate statistics
  • Coaches love it
  • Local Media loves it too because it makes their jobs easier
  • It’s also a resource for Athletic Directors, yearbook advisors, and school administrators…allowing each to accurately track schedules, student athlete participation, and annual sports results.