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Mission Message

VarVee strives to bring not only athletes, teams and leagues together, but entire states! All Sports/All Stats/ALL STATES. With VarVee’s advanced technologies, services, and community, entire states can have a place to aggregate the stats and information that their own communities strive endlessly to collect everyday.


VarVee provides a one-stop place for coaches to collect their data and distribute to fans, athletes, parents and all local media with just one click. Teams preselect Box Score recipients when building their profiles and can immediately begin providing this valuable information to the people who need it first. Athletes, parents and fans use VarVee.com everyday to view the most up to date and current leaderboards in their leagues, keeping informed with rankings, game results, player progress and playoff qualifiers.

Contact us immediately to see how your association can start using VarVee at support@varvee.com.


Testimonials from Coaches and Athletic Directors

"Thank you for the wonderful program. Players, parents, fans and I, really enjoy the first-rate way in which VarVee presented our stats." - Kevin Porter, Head Coach, Girls Basketball, Jefferson Academy High School
"Really enjoyed the set up. Made it that much easier to enter stats and share them with others/athletes. Great work! Thanks!" - Gerri Mora, Head Coach, Boys Basketball, Vista Ridge High School

"The website was very useful for our team to find stats and coaches information from other teams. We used stats each game from Varvee to prepare for the next game. We also used Varvee to contact coaches from other teams in order to get copies of film. I think the Varvee website is a useful tool for all coaches, and it would be nice if it was mandatory for all coaches to enter stats for every game. Thanks for everything you do!"- Chris Lewis, Head Coach, Baseball, Frederick High School

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